Free Soccer Widgets from SportsPlus.Me

SportsPlus.Me offers now the feature of adding our data to your site, for free. At this moment, only the standings widget is available, but we will add more widgets in the upcoming months. If you want to add our Standings widget to your site, you can read the following guide. Our widgets are 100% mobile responsive, so you can use them without problems.

Adding the Standings Widget

Click on any League page (for example, Premier League) and look under the live standings. You will see this:


When you click “Add Standings to your website“, a text field with a code appears. Copy the code and insert it on your site. That’s it! Now you can have live standings from all the leagues we support at the moment. More leagues will be added soon.

This is how the widget looks like:

Live Data provided by SportsPlus Live Score


My site runs on WordPress. How can I insert the widgets?

It is very simple. If you use the Gutenberg editor, please add the block called “Custom HTML”. You can find it in the “Formatting” section of Gutenberg blocks. Insert the widget code into that block and that’s it. If you use the Classic WordPress editor, you can add the widget code anywhere, just be sure you switch from “Visual” to “Text”.

Some widgets do not show all the teams. What can I do?

By default, our widgets are made for Standings with 20 teams or less. However, some leagues like the Championship or League One have more than 20 teams. In this case, you can easily customise the widget’s height to include all the teams. Default height is 800, so if you have some bottom teams not showing up, you can increase that value. Please check the image below to better understand what values needs to be increased (or decreased):

Is there any requirement if I want to use your widgets?

Yes, you will have to provide a link back to our site. Don’t worry, the code of the widget already includes our link. You are required to keep it intact.